Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is what I know...

A dear friend may have pointed out my lack of posts here I am to tell you what I know.

I know that Cystic Fibrosis stinks - big time. It's a hereditary disease that threatens to rob children of their outdoor adventures due to decreased lung function.

I know that less than half of patients with CF are over the age of 18 due to survival rate (45 percent).

I know that the predicted median age for people with CF today is thirty. 

I know that I will be thirty by the end of the decade and that I have many adventures still to be taken.

I know that any cold, bronchitis, coughing fit or physical condition that I face will always dim incomparison to living with CF.

I know that our children may also have CF if we are both carriers.

I know that what I share may sound dramatic - this isn't drama. This is truth.

I also know that with our combined support and continued research that the median age of children with CF living past their thirties can grow; and that I'm willing to run a stupid amount of miles to help. How will you help?

Here is to Rocking CF!
<3, Running Girl

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