Thursday, February 14, 2013

To a heart healthy Valentine's Day

Today is a four point five running day! I put an exclamation because if excitement is there (even faked until it's made) your run will be more successful than with a dreading mentality...

For Valentine's Day - let's explore what exactly happens to your body during a run:

In the first two minutes your body begins burning glucose to produce ATP that allows muscles energy and to release lactic acid. Fascinated yet!?

Your body begins to torch calories with all major muscle groups engage ( about 100 calories/mile)  and your muscles require even more oxygen - hence why I should like a panting dog on a hot summer's day.

Within ten minutes your body is running (literally) like a well oiled machine with a cycle of ATP, glucose, lactic acid, oxygen + C02 exchange AKA you are STRONG.

Keep going and to recover at the end of your run dopamine is release; which also happens to be the same hormone that encourages you to say, "No thank you" to sweets.

Here is to Mrs. Smith, my high school biology teacher that apparently taught me something that stuck!
<3 Running Girl

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