Sunday, December 16, 2012


After reading Born To Run, I am even further affirmed that your mentality going into a race is just as important as your physical training.

American Flag at Half-Staff

Today is day six of our training plan which means today is our first four mile run -rain or shine ( it's crazy to be considering rain clothes instead of snow gear but hey, welcome to Michigan ). Although my weekly running mileage has been hovering around nine miles prior to our training four miles is my personal best. Ever. However the last time I rain four miles it was on Michigan State's campus and it was also a dreary rainy day. I remember the satisfaction and pride I felt for concentrating on just one mile at a time until I was successful.

Today, I am heading into this run at Johnson Park with the mentality of tempered resiliency ready to run. However I also take today to think about those who no longer have the chance to run : the taken children of Newtown, CT , the brave educators, and Eric King; whose was a leader, a former police chief, and a giving Grandfather and father to thd King family. Today, this four mile run is for those who have been taken too early but have served our community greatly.

Here's to the ones who we've lost,
Running Girl

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